Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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63 'Abel hash-Shittiym aw-bale' hash-shit-teem' from 58 and the plural of 7848, with the article inserted; meadow of the acacias; Abel hash- Shittim, a place in Palestine:--Abel-shittim.

1029 Beyth hash-Shittah bayth hash-shit-taw' from 1004 and 7848 with the article interposed; house of the acacia; Beth-hash-Shittah, a place in Palestine:--Beth-shittah.
7848 shittah shit-taw' feminine of a derivative (only in the plural shittiym {shit-teem'}; meaning the sticks of wood) from the same as 7850; the acacia (from its scourging thorns):--shittah, shittim. See also 1029.
7851 Shittiym shit-teem' the same as the plural of 7848; acacia trees; Shittim, a place East of the Jordan:--Shittim.

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