Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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58 'abel aw-bale' from an unused root (meaning to be grassy); a meadow:--plain. Compare also the proper names beginning with Abel-.

59 'Abel aw-bale' from 58; a meadow; Abel, the name of two places in Palestine.:--Abel.
62 'Abel Beyth-Ma`akah aw-bale' bayth ma-a-kaw' from 58 and 1004 and 4601; meadow of Beth-Maakah; Abel of Beth-maakah, a place in Palestine:--Abel-beth-maachah, Abel of Beth-maachah,
63 'Abel hash-Shittiym aw-bale' hash-shit-teem' from 58 and the plural of 7848, with the article inserted; meadow of the acacias; Abel hash- Shittim, a place in Palestine:--Abel-shittim.
64 'Abel Kramiym aw-bale' ker-aw-meem' from 58 and the plural of 3754; meadow of vineyards; Abel-Keramim, a place in Palestine:--plain of the vineyards.
65 'Abel Mchowlah aw-bale' mekh-o-law' from 58 and 4246; meadow of dancing; Abel-Mecholah, a place in Palestine:--Abel-meholah.
66 'Abel Mayim aw-bale' mah'-yim from 58 and 4325; meadow of water; Abel-Majim, a place in Palestine:--Abel-maim.
67 'Abel Mitsrayim aw-bale' mits-rah'-yim from 58 and 4714; meadow of Egypt; Abel-Mitsrajim, a place in Palestine:--Abel-mizraim.

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