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62 'Abel Beyth-Ma`akah aw-bale' bayth ma-a-kaw' from 58 and 1004 and 4601; meadow of Beth-Maakah; Abel of Beth-maakah, a place in Palestine:--Abel-beth-maachah, Abel of Beth-maachah,

358 'Eylown Beyth Chanan ay-lone' bayth-chaw-nawn' from 356, 1004, and 2603; oak-grove of (the) house of favor; Elon of Beth-chanan, a place in Palestine:--Elon-beth-hanan.
1004 bayith bah'-yith probably from 1129 abbreviated; a house (in the greatest variation of applications, especially family, etc.):--court, daughter, door, + dungeon, family, + forth of, X great as would contain, hangings, home(born), (winter)house(-hold), inside(-ward), palace, place, + prison, + steward, + tablet, temple, web, + within(-out).
1005 bayith bah-yith (Aramaic) corresponding to 1004:--house.
1006 Bayith bah'-yith the same as 1004; Bajith, a place in Palestine:--Bajith.
1007 Beyth 'Aven bayth aw'-ven from 1004 and 205; house of vanity; Beth- Aven, a place in Palestine:--Beth-aven.
1008 Beyth-'El bayth-ale' from 1004 and 410; house of God; Beth-El, a place in Palestine:--Beth-el.
1009 Beyth 'Arbe'l bayth ar-bale' from 1004 and 695 and 410; house of God's ambush; Beth-Arbel, a place in Palestine:--Beth-Arbel.
1010 Beyth Ba`al M`own bayth bah'-al me-own' from 1004 and 1168 and 4583; house of Baal of (the) habitation of (apparently by transposition); or (shorter) Beyth M own {bayth me-own'}; house of habitation of (Baal); Beth- Baal-Meon, a place in Palestine:--Beth-baal-meon. Compare 1186 and 1194.
1011 Beyth Bir`iy bayth bir-ee' from 1004 and 1254; house of a creative one; Beth-Biri, a place in Palestine:--Beth-birei.
1012 Beyth Barah bayth baw-raw' probably from 1004 and 5679; house of (the) ford; Beth-Barah, a place in Palestine:--Beth-barah.
1013 Beyth-Gader bayth-gaw-dare' from 1004 and 1447; house of (the) wall; Beth-Gader, a place in Palestine:--Beth-gader.
1014 Beyth Gamuwl bayth gaw-mool' from 1004 and the passive participle of 1576; house of (the) weaned; Beth-Gamul, a place East of the Jordan:--Beth- gamul.
1015 Beyth Diblathayim bayth dib-law-thah'-yim from 1004 and the dual of 1690; house of (the) two figcakes; Beth-Diblathajim, a place East of the Jordan:--Beth-diblathaim.
1016 Beyth-Dagown bayth-daw-gohn' from 1004 and 1712; house of Dagon; Beth-Dagon, the name of two places in Palestine:--Beth-dagon.
1018 Beyth ha-'etsel bayth haw-ay'-tsel from 1004 and 681 with the article interposed; house of the side; Beth-ha-Etsel, a place in Palestine:--Beth- ezel.
1019 Beyth hag-Gllgal bayth hag-gil gawl' from 1004 and 1537 with the article interposed; house of Gilgal (or rolling); Beth-hag-Gilgal, a place in Palestine:--Beth-gilgal.
1020 Beyth ha-Yshiy-mowth bayth hah-yesh-ee-moth' from 1004 and the plural of 3451 with the article interposed; house of the deserts; Beth-ha- Jeshimoth, a town East of the Jordan:--Beth-jeshimoth.
1021 Beyth hak-Kerem bayth hak-keh'-rem from 1004 and 3754 with the article interposed; house of the vineyard; Beth-hak-Kerem, a place in Palestine:--Beth-haccerem.
1023 Beyth ham-Merchaq bayth ham-mer-khawk' from 1004 and 4801 with the article interposed; house of the breadth; Beth-ham-Merchak, a place in Palestine:--place that was far off.
1024 Beyth ham-Marka-bowth bayth ham-mar-kaw-both' or (shortened) Beyth Mar-kabowth {bayth mar-kaw-both'}; from 1004 and the plural of 4818 (with or without the article interposed); place of (the) chariots; Beth-ham-Markaboth or Beth-Markaboth, a place in Palestine:--Beth-marcaboth.
1025 Beyth ha-`Emeq bayth haw-Ay'-mek from 1004 and 6010 with the article interposed; house of the valley; Beth-ha-Emek, a place in Palestine:--Beth- emek.
1026 Beyth ha-`Arabah bayth haw-ar-aw-baw from 1004 and 6160 with the article interposed; house of the Desert; Beth-ha-Arabah, a place in Palestine:--Beth-arabah.
1027 Beyth ha-Ram bayth haw-rawm' from 1004 and 7311 with the article interposed; house of the height; Beth-ha-Ram, a place East of the Jordan:--Beth-aram.
1029 Beyth hash-Shittah bayth hash-shit-taw' from 1004 and 7848 with the article interposed; house of the acacia; Beth-hash-Shittah, a place in Palestine:--Beth-shittah.
1031 Beyth Choglah bayth chog-law' from 1004 and the same as 2295; house of a partridge; Beth-Choglah, a place in Palestine:--Beth-hoglah.
1032 Beyth Chowrown bayth kho-rone' from 1004 and 2356; house of hollowness; Beth-Choron, the name of two adjoining places in Palestine:--Beth- horon.
1033 Beyth Kar bayth kar from 1004 and 3733; house of pasture; Beth-Car, a place in Palestine:--Beth-car.
1034 Beyth Lba'owth bayth leb-aw-oth' from 1004 and the plural of 3833; house of lionesses; Beth-Lebaoth, a place in Palestine:--Beth-lebaoth. Compare 3822.
1035 Beyth Lechem bayth leh'-khem from 1004 and 3899; house of bread; Beth- Lechem, a place in Palestine:--Beth-lehem.
1036 Beyth l-`Aphrah bayth le-af-raw' from 1004 and the feminine of 6083 (with preposition interposed); house to (i.e. of) dust; Beth-le-Aphrah, a place in Palestine:--house of Aphrah.
1037 Beyth Millow' bayth mil-lo' or Beyth Mil-loh {bayth mil-lo'}; from 1004 and 4407; house of (the) rampart; Beth-Millo, the name of two citadels:-- house of Millo.
1038 Beyth Ma`akah bayth mah-ak-aw' from 1004 and 4601; house of Maakah; Beth-Maakah, a place in Palestine:--Beth-maachah.
1039 Beyth Nimrah bayth nim-raw' from 1004 and the feminine of 5246; house of (the) leopard; Beth-Nimrah, a place east of the Jordan:--Beth-Nimrah. Compare 5247.
1040 Beyth `Eden bayth ay'-den from 1004 and 5730; house of pleasure; Beth-Eden, a place in Syria:--Beth-eden.
1041 Beyth `Azmaveth bayth az-maw'-veth from 1004 and 5820; house of Azmaveth, a place in Palestine:--Beth-az-maveth. Compare 5820.
1042 Beyth `Anowth bayth an-oth' from 1004 and a plural from 6030; house of replies; Beth-Anoth, a place in Palestine:--Beth-anoth.
1044 Beyth `Eqed bayth ay'-ked from 1004 and a derivative of 6123; house of (the) binding (for sheep-shearing); Beth-Eked, a place in Palestine:-- shearing house.
1045 Beyth `Ashtarowth bayth ash-taw-roth' : from 1004 and 6252; house of Ashtoreths; Beth-Ashtaroth, a place in Palestine:--house of Ashtaroth. Compare 1203, 6252.
1046 Beyth Pelet bayth peh'-let from 1004 and 6412; house of escape; Beth- Palet, a place in Palestine:--Beth-palet.
1047 Beyth P`owr bayth pe-ore' from 1004 and 6465; house of Peor; Beth- Peor, a place East of the Jordan:--Beth-peor.
1048 Beyth Patstsets bayth pats-tsates' from 1004 and a derivative from 6327; house of dispersion; Beth-Patstsets, a place in Palestine:--Beth-pazzez.
1049 Beyth Tsuwr bayth tsoor' from 1004 and 6697; house of (the) rock; Beth-Tsur, a place in Palestine:--Beth-zur.
1050 Beyth Rchowb bayth re-khobe' from 1004 and 7339; house of (the) street; Beth-Rechob, a place in Palestine:--Beth-rehob.
1051 Beyth Rapha' bayth raw-faw' from 1004 and 7497; house of (the) giant; Beth-Rapha, an Israelite:--Beth-rapha.
1052 Beyth Sh'an bayth she-awn' or Beyth Shan {bayth shawn'}; from 1004 and 7599; house of ease; Beth-Shean or Beth-Shan, a place in Palestine:--Beth- shean, Beth-Shan.
1053 Beyth Shemesh bayth sheh'-mesh from 1004 and 8121; house of (the) sun; Beth-Shemesh, a place in Palestine:--Beth-shemesh.
1054 Beth Tappuwach bayth tap-poo'-akh from 1004 and 8598; house of (the) apple; Beth-Tappuach, a place in Palestine:--Beth-tappuah.
1055 biythan bee-thawn' probably from 1004; a palace (i.e. large house):--palace.
2669 chophshuwth khof-shooth' and chophshiyth {khof-sheeth'}; from 2666; prostration by sickness (with 1004, a hospital):--several.
5854 `Atrowth beyth Yow'ab at-roth' bayth yo-awb' from the same as 5852 and 1004 and 3097; crowns of the house of Joab; Atroth-beth-Joab, a place in Palestine:--Ataroth the house of Joab.