Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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1054 Beth Tappuwach bayth tap-poo'-akh from 1004 and 8598; house of (the) apple; Beth-Tappuach, a place in Palestine:--Beth-tappuah.

5887 `Eyn Tappuwach ane tap-poo'-akh from 5869 and 8598; fountain of an apple-tree; En-Tappuach, a place in Palestine:--En-tappuah.
8598 tappuwach tap-poo'-akh from 5301; an apple (from its fragrance), i.e. the fruit or the tree (probably includ. others of the pome order, as the quince, the orange, etc.):--apple (tree). See also 1054.
8599 Tappuwach tap-poo'-akh the same as 8598; Tappuach, the name of two places in Palestine, also of an Israelite:--Tappuah.

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