Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Result of search for "8510":

8510 tel tale by contraction from 8524; a mound:--heap, X strength.

8512 Tel 'Abiyb tale aw-beeb' from 8510 and 24; mound of green growth; Tel-Abib, a place in Chaldaea:--Tel-abib.
8521 Tel Charsha' tale khar-shaw' from 8510 and the feminine of 2798; mound of workmanship; Tel-Charsha, a place in Babylonia:--Tel-haresha, Tel-harsa.
8528 Tel Melach tale meh'-lakh from 8510 and 4417; mound of salt; Tel-Melach, a place in Babylonia:--Tel-melah.

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