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Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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3 'eb abe from the same as 24; a green plant:--greenness, fruit.

24 'abiyb aw-beeb' from an unused root (meaning to be tender); green, i.e. a young ear of grain; hence, the name of the month Abib or Nisan:--Abib, ear, green ears of corn (not maize).
408 'al al a negative particle (akin to 3808); not (the qualified negation, used as a deprecative); once (Job 24:25) as a noun, nothing:--nay, neither, + never, no ,nor, not, nothing (worth), rather than.
3101 Yow'ash yo-awsh' or Yoash (2 Chron. 24:1) {yo-awsh'}; a form of 3060; Joash, the name of six Israelites:--Joash.
5019 Nbuwkadne'tstsar neb-oo-kad-nets-tsar' or Nbukadneotstsar (2 Kings 24:1, 10) {neb-oo-kad-nets-tsar'}; or Nbuwkadnetstsar (Esther 2:6; Daniel 1:18) {neb-oo-kad-nets-tsar'}; or Nbuwkadreotstsar {neb-oo-kad-rets-tsar'}; or Nbuwkadreltstsowr (Ezra 2:1; Jeremiah 49:28) {neb-oo-kad-rets-tsore'}; or foreign derivation; Nebukadnetstsar (or -retstsar, or -retstsor), king of Babylon:--Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuchadrezzar.
5640 catham saw-tham' or satham (Numbers 24:15) {saw-tham'}; a primitive root; to stop up; by implication, to repair; figuratively, to keep secret:--closed up, hidden, secret, shut out (up), stop.
5755 `Ivvah iv-vaw' or eAvvae (2 Kings 17:24) {av-vaw'}; for 5754; Ivvah or Avva, a region of Assyria:--Ava, Ivah.
6501 pere' peh'-reh or pereh (Jeremiah 2:24) {peh'-reh}; from 6500 in the secondary sense of running wild; the onager:--wild (ass).
8512 Tel 'Abiyb tale aw-beeb' from 8510 and 24; mound of green growth; Tel-Abib, a place in Chaldaea:--Tel-abib.

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