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Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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1045 Beyth `Ashtarowth bayth ash-taw-roth' : from 1004 and 6252; house of Ashtoreths; Beth-Ashtaroth, a place in Palestine:--house of Ashtaroth. Compare 1203, 6252.

1203 B`eshtrah beh-esh-ter-aw' from 6251 (as singular of 6252) with a prepositional prefix; with Ashtoreth; Beeshterah, a place East of the Jordan:--Beeshterah.
6252 `Ashtarowth ash-taw-roth' or bAshtaroth {ash-taw-roth'}; plural of 6251; Ashtaroth, the name of a Sidonian deity, and of a place East of the Jordan:--Asharoth, Astaroth. See also 1045, 6253, 6255.
6254 `Ashtrathiy ash-ter-aw-thee' patrial from 6252; an Ashterathite or inhabitant of Ashtaroth:--Ashterathite.
6255 `Ashtroth Qarnayim ash-ter-oth' kar-nah'-yim from 6252 and the dual of 7161; Ashtaroth of (the) double horns (a symbol of the deity); Ashteroth-Karnaim, a place East of the Jordan:--Ashtoreth Karnaim.

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