Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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1034 Beyth Lba'owth bayth leb-aw-oth' from 1004 and the plural of 3833; house of lionesses; Beth-Lebaoth, a place in Palestine:--Beth-lebaoth. Compare 3822.

3822 Lba'owth leb-aw-oth' plural of 3833; lionesses; Lebaoth, a place in Palestine:--Lebaoth. See also 1034.
3833 labiy' law-bee' or (Ezek. 19:2) lbiyao {leb-ee-yaw'}; irreg. masculine plural lbaviym {leb-aw-eem'}; irreg. feminine plural lbaeowth {leb-aw-oth'}; from an unused root men. to roar; a lion (properly, a lioness as the fiercer (although not a roarer; Compare 738)):--(great, old, stout) lion, lioness, young (lion).

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