Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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1015 Beyth Diblathayim bayth dib-law-thah'-yim from 1004 and the dual of 1690; house of (the) two figcakes; Beth-Diblathajim, a place East of the Jordan:--Beth-diblathaim.

1690 dbelah deb-ay-law' from an unused root (akin to 2082) probably meaning to press together; a cake of pressed figs:--cake (lump) of figs.
1691 Diblayim dib-lah'-yim dual from the masculine of 1690; two cakes; Diblajim, a symbolic name:--Diblaim.
5963 `Almon Diblathaymah al-mone' dib-law-thaw'-yem-aw from the same as 5960 and the dual of 1690 (Compare 1015) with enclitic of direction; Almon towards Diblathajim; Almon-Diblathajemah, a place in Moab: --Almon-dilathaim.

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