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Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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8163 sa`iyr saw-eer' or sabir {saw-eer'}; from 8175; shaggy; as noun, a he-goat; by analogy, a faun:--devil, goat, hairy, kid, rough, satyr.

8175 sa`ar saw-ar' a primitive root; to storm; by implication, to shiver, i.e. fear:--be (horribly) afraid, fear, hurl as a storm, be tempestuous, come like (take away as with) a whirlwind.
8178 sa`ar sah'-ar from 8175; a tempest; also a terror:--affrighted, X horribly, X sore, storm. See 8181.
8181 se`ar say-awr' or (Isaiah 7:20) {sah'-ar}; from 8175 in the sense of dishevelling; hair (as if tossed or bristling):--hair(-y), X rough.
8184 s`orah seh-o-raw' or snowrah {seh-o-raw'} (feminine meaning the plant); and (masculine meaning the grain); also s or {seh-ore'}; or s-owr {seh-ore'}; from 8175 in the sense of roughness; barley (as villose):--barley.
8186 sha`aruwrah shah-ar-oo-raw' or shanariyriyah {shah-ar-ee-ree-yaw'}; or shaparurith {shah-ar-oo-reeth'}; feminine from 8176 in the sense of 8175; something fearful:--horrible thing.

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