Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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7617 shabah shaw-baw' a primitive root; to transport into captivity:--(bring away, carry, carry away, lead, lead away, take) captive(-s), drive (take) away.

7618 shbuw sheb-oo' from an unused root (probably identical with that of 7617 through the idea of subdivision into flashes or streamers (Compare 7632) meaning to flame; a gem (from its sparkle), probably the agate:--agate.
7619 Shbuw'el sheb-oo-ale' or Shuwbanel {shoo-baw-ale'}; from 7617 (abbrev.) or 7725 and 410; captive (or returned) of God; Shebuel or Shubael, the name of two Israelites:--Shebuel, Shubael.
7622 shbuwth sheb-ooth' or shbiyth {sheb-eeth'}; from 7617; exile, concretely, prisoners; figuratively, a former state of prosperity:-- captive(-ity).
7629 Shobiy sho-bee' from 7617; captor; Shobi, an Ammonite:--Shobi.

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