Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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765 'Aran ar-awn' from 7442; stridulous; Aran, an Edomite:--Aran.

769 'Arnown ar-nohn' or uArnon {ar-nohn'}; from 7442; a brawling stream; the Arnon, a river east of the Jordan, also its territory:-- Arnon.
7438 ron rone from 7442; a shout (of deliverance):--song.
7440 rinnah rin-naw' from 7442; properly, a creaking (or shrill sound), i.e. shout (of joy or grief):--cry, gladness, joy, proclamation, rejoicing, shouting, sing(-ing), triumph.
7442 ranan raw-nan' a primitive root; properly, to creak (or emit a stridulous sound), i.e. to shout (usually for joy):--aloud for joy, cry out, be joyful (greatly, make to) rejoice, (cause to) shout (for joy), (cause to) sing (aloud, for joy, out), triumph.
7443 renen reh'-nen from 7442; an ostrich (from its wail):--X goodly.
7444 rannen ran-nane' intensive from 7442; shouting (for joy):--singing.
7445 rnanah ren-aw-naw' from 7442; a shout (for joy):--joyful (voice), singing, triumphing.

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