Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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1910 Hadadrimmown had-ad-rim-mone' from 1908 and 7417; Hadad-Rimmon, a place in Palestine:--Hadad-rimmon.

2886 Tabrimmown tab-rim-mone' from 2895 and 7417; pleasing (to) Rimmon; Tabrimmon, a Syrian:--Tabrimmon.
7417 Rimmown rim-mone' or (shorter) Rimmon {rim-mone'}; or Rimmownow (1Chronicles 6:62 (77)) {rim-mo-no'}; the same as 7416; Rimmon, the name of a Syrian deity, also of five places in Palestine:--Remmon, Rimmon. The addition "-methoar" (Josh. 19:13) is ham-mthonar {ham-meth-o-awr'}; passive participle of 8388 with the article; the (one) marked off, i.e. which pertains; mistaken for part of the name.
8388 ta'ar taw-ar' a primitive root; to delineate; reflex. to extend:--be drawn, mark out, (Rimmon-)methoar (by union with 7417).

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