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Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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4764 Merab may-rawb' from 7231; increase; Merab, a daughter of Saul:--Merab.

7227 rab rab by contracted from 7231; abundant (in quantity, size, age, number, rank, quality):--(in) abound(-undance, -ant, -antly), captain, elder, enough, exceedingly, full, great(-ly, man, one), increase, long (enough, (time)), (do, have) many(-ifold, things, a time), ((ship-))master, mighty, more, (too, very) much, multiply(-tude), officer, often(-times), plenteous, populous, prince, process (of time), suffice(-lent).
7230 rob robe from 7231; abundance (in any respect):--abundance(- antly), all, X common (sort), excellent, great(-ly, -ness, number), huge, be increased, long, many, more in number, most, much, multitude, plenty(-ifully), X very (age).
7231 rabab raw-bab' a primitive root; properly, to cast together (Compare 7241), i.e. increase, especially in number; also (as denominative from 7233) to multiply by the myriad:--increase, be many(-ifold), be more, multiply, ten thousands.
7232 rabab raw-bab' a primitive root (rather identical with 7231 through the idea of projection); to shoot an arrow:--shoot.
7233 rbabah reb-aw-baw' from 7231; abundance (in number), i.e. (specifically) a myriad (whether definite or indefinite):--many, million, X multiply, ten thousand.
7239 ribbow rib-bo' from 7231; or ribbow {rib-bo'} from 7231; a myriad, i.e. indefinitely, large number:--great things, ten ((eight)-een, (for)-ty, + sixscore, + threescore, X twenty, (twen)-ty) thousand.
7241 rabiyb raw-beeb' from 7231; a rain (as an accumulation of drops):--shower.
7245 Rabbiyth rab-beeth' from 7231; multitude; Rabbith, a place in Palestine:--Rabbith.

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