Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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4745 miqreh mik-reh' from 7136; something met with, i.e. an accident or fortune:--something befallen, befalleth, chance, event, hap(-peneth).

4746 mqareh mek-aw-reh' from 7136; properly, something meeting, i.e. a frame (of timbers):--building.
7136 qarah kaw-raw' a primitive root; to light upon (chiefly by accident); causatively, to bring about; specifically, to impose timbers (for roof or floor):--appoint, lay (make) beams, befall, bring, come (to pass unto), floor, (hap) was, happen (unto), meet, send good speed.
7137 qareh kaw-reh' from 7136; an (unfortunate) occurrence, i.e. some accidental (ceremonial) disqualification:--uncleanness that chanceth.
7147 qriy ker-ee' from 7136; hostile encounter:--contrary.
7151 qiryah kir-yaw' from 7136 in the sense of flooring, i.e. building; a city:--city.
7176 qereth keh'-reth from 7136 in the sense of building; a city:--city.

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