Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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466 'Eliyphlehuw el-ee-fe-lay'-hoo from 410 and 6395; God of his distinction; Eliphelehu, an Israelite:--Elipheleh.

6395 palah paw-law' a primitive root; to distinguish (literally or figuratively):--put a difference, show marvellous, separate, set apart, sever, make wonderfully.
6396 Palluw' pal-loo' from 6395; distinguished; Pallu, an Israelite:--Pallu, Phallu.
6397 Plowniy pel-o-nee' patronymically from an unused name (from 6395) meaning separate; a Pelonite or inhabitant of an unknown Palon:-- Pelonite.
6423 ploniy pel-o-nee' from 6395; such a one, i.e. a specified peccrson:--such.

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