Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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4611 ma`alal mah-al-awl' from 5953; an act (good or bad):--doing, endeavour, invention, work.

5923 `ol ole or mowl {ole}; from 5953; a yoke (as imposed on the neck), literally or figuratively:--yoke.
5948 `aliyl al-eel' from 5953 in the sense of completing; probably a crucible (as working over the metal):--furnace.
5949 `aliylah al-ee-law' or malilah {al-ee-law'}; from 5953 in the sense of effecting; an exploit (of God), or a performance (of man, often in a bad sense); by implication, an opportunity:--act(-ion), deed, doing, invention, occasion, work.
5953 `alal aw-lal' a primitive root; to effect thoroughly; specifically, to glean (also figuratively); by implication (in a bad sense) to overdo, i.e. maltreat, be saucy to, pain, impose (also literal):--abuse, affect, X child, defile, do, glean, mock, practise, thoroughly, work (wonderfully).
5954 `alal al-al' (Aramaic) corresponding to 5953 (in the sense of thrusting oneself in), to enter; causatively, to introduce:--bring in, come in, go in.
5955 `olelah o-lay-law' feminine active participle of 5953; only in plural gleanings; by extens. gleaning-time:--(gleaning) (of the) grapes, grapegleanings.
8586 ta`aluwl tah-al-ool' from 5953; caprice (as a fit coming on), i.e. vexation; concretely a tyrant:--babe, delusion.

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