Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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5153 nachuwsh naw-khoosh' apparently passive participle of 5172 (perhaps in the sense of ringing, i.e. bell-metal; or from the red color of the throat of a serpent (5175, as denominative) when hissing); coppery, i.e. (figuratively) hard:--of brass.

5172 nachash naw-khash' a primitive root; properly, to hiss, i.e. whisper a (magic) spell; generally, to prognosticate:--X certainly, divine, enchanter, (use) X enchantment, learn by experience, X indeed, diligently observe.
5173 nachash nakh'-ash from 5172; an incantation or augury:--enchantment.
5175 nachash naw-khawsh' from 5172; a snake (from its hiss):--serpent.
5177 Nachshown nakh-shone' from 5172; enchanter; Nachshon, an Israelite:--Naashon, Nahshon.

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