Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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4962 math math from the same as 4970; properly, an adult (as of full length); by implication, a man (only in the plural):--+ few, X friends, men, persons, X small.

4967 Mthuwsha'el meth-oo-shaw-ale' from 4962 and 410, with the relative interposed; man who (is) of God; Methusael, an antediluvian patriarch:--Methusael.
4968 Mthuwshelach meth-oo-sheh'-lakh from 4962 and 7973; man of a dart; Methushelach, an antediluvian patriarch:--Methuselah.
4974 mthom meth-ohm' from 8552; wholesomeness; also (adverb) completely:--men (by reading 4962), soundness.

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