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Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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4472 mamror mam-rore' from 4843; a bitterness, i.e. (figuratively) calamity:--bitterness.

4751 mar mar or (feminine) marah {maw-raw'}; from 4843; bitter (literally or figuratively); also (as noun) bitterness, or (adverbially) bitterly:--+ angry, bitter(-ly, -ness), chafed, discontented, X great, heavy.
4752 mar mar from 4843 in its original sense of distillation; a drop:--drop.
4753 more mor or mowr {more}; from 4843; myrrh (as distilling in drops, and also as bitter):--myrrh.
4786 morah mo-raw' from 4843; bitterness, i.e. (figuratively) trouble:--grief.
4814 mriyruwth mer-ee-rooth' from 4843; bitterness, i.e. (figuratively) grief:--bitterness.
4815 mriyriy mer-ee-ree' from 4843; bitter, i.e. poisonous:--bitter.
4843 marar maw-rar' a primitive root; properly, to trickle (see 4752); but used only as a denominative from 4751; to be (causatively, make) bitter (literally or figuratively):--(be, be in, deal, have, make) bitter(-ly, - ness), be moved with choler, (be, have sorely, it) grieved(-eth), provoke, vex.
4844 mror mer-ore' or mrowr {mer-ore'}; from 4843; a bitter herb:-- bitter(-ness).
4845 mrerah mer-ay-raw' from 4843; bile (from its bitterness):--gall.
4846 mrorah mer-o-raw' or mrowrah {mer-o-raw'}; from 4843; properly, bitterness; concretely, a bitter thing; specifically bile; also venom (of a serpent):--bitter (thing), gall.
4847 Mrariy mer-aw-ree' from 4843; bitter; Merari, an Israelite:--Merari. See also 4848.
8563 tamruwr tam-roor' from 4843; bitterness (plural as collective):--X most bitter(-ly).

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