Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Result of search for "3344":

3344 yaqad yaw-kad' a primitive root; to burn:--(be) burn(-ing), X from the hearth, kindle.

3345 yqad yek-ad' (Aramaic) corresponding to 3344:--burning.
3347 Yoqd`am yok-deh-awm' from 3344 and 5971; burning of (the) people; Jokdeam, a place in Palestine:--Jokdeam.
3350 yqowd yek-ode' from 3344; a burning:--burning.
4168 mowqed mo-kade' from 3344; a fire or fuel; abstractly, a conflagration:--burning, hearth.

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