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1964 heykal hay-kawl' probably from 3201 (in the sense of capacity); a large public building, such as a palace or temple:--palace, temple.

3081 Yhuwkal yeh-hoo-kal' from 3201; potent; Jehukal, an Israelite: -Jehucal. Compare 3116.
3201 yakol yaw-kole' or (fuller) yakowl {yaw-kole'}; a primitive root; to be able, literally (can, could) or morally (may, might):--be able, any at all (ways), attain, can (away with, (-not)), could, endure, might, overcome, have power, prevail, still, suffer.
3202 ykel yek-ale' (Aramaic) or ykiyl (Aramaic) {yek-eel'}; to 3201:--be able, can, couldest, prevail.
3203 Ykolyah yek-ol-yaw' and Ykolyahuw {yek-ol-yaw'-hoo}; or (2Chronicles 26:3) Ykiylyah {yek-ee-leh-yaw'}; from 3201 and 3050; Jah will enable; Jekoljah or Jekiljah, an Israelitess:--Jecholiah, Jecoliah.
3546 khal keh-hal' (Aramaic) a root corresponding to 3201 and 3557; to be able:--be able, could.
4323 miykal me-kawl' from 3201; properly, a container, i.e. a streamlet:--brook.