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Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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3190 yatab yaw-tab' a primitive root; to be (causative) make well, literally (sound, beautiful) or figuratively (happy, successful, right):--be accepted, amend, use aright, benefit, be (make) better, seem best, make cheerful, be comely, + be content, diligent(-ly), dress, earnestly, find favour, give, be glad, do (be, make) good((-ness)), be (make) merry, please (+ well), shew more (kindness), skilfully, X very small, surely, make sweet, thoroughly, tire, trim, very, be (can, deal, entreat, go, have) well (said, seen).

3191 ytab yet-ab' (Aramaic) corresponding to 3190:--seem good.
3192 Yotbah yot-baw' from 3190; pleasantness; Jotbah, a place in Palestine:--Jotbah.
4105 Mheytab'el meh-hay-tab-ale' from 3190 (augmented) and 410; bettered of God; Mehetabel, the name of an Edomitish man and woman:--Mehetabeel, Mehetabel.
4315 meytab may-tawb' from 3190; the best part:--best.

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