Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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180 'uwbal oo-bawl' or (shortened) ubal {oo-bawl'}; from 2986 (in the sense of 2988); a stream:--river.

2981 ybuwl yeb-ool' from 2986; produce, i.e. a crop or (figuratively) wealth:--fruit, increase.
2986 yabal yaw-bal' a primitive root; properly, to flow; causatively, to bring (especially with pomp):--bring (forth), carry, lead (forth).
2987 ybal yeb-al' (Aramaic) corresponding to 2986; to bring:--bring, carry.
2988 yabal yaw-bawl' from 2986; a stream:--(water-)course, stream.
2990 yabbel yab-bale' from 2986; having running sores:--wen.
3104 yowbel yo-bale' or yobel {yob-ale'}; apparently from 2986; the blast of a horn (from its continuous sound); specifically, the signal of the silver trumpets; hence, the instrument itself and the festival thus introduced:--jubile, ram's horn, trumpet.
3105 yuwbal yoo-bal' from 2986; a stream:--river.
3106 Yuwbal yoo-bawl' from 2986; stream; Jubal, an antediluvian:--Jubal.
3999 mabbuwl mab-bool' from 2986 in the sense of flowing; a deluge: -flood.
8398 tebel tay-bale' from 2986; the earth (as moist and therefore inhabited); by extension, the globe; by implication, its inhabitants; specifically, a partic. land, as Babylonia, Palestine:--habitable part, world.
8423 Tuwbal Qayin too-bal' kah'-yin apparently from 2986 (Compare 2981) and 7014; offspring of Cain; Tubal-Kajin, an antidiluvian patriarch:--Tubal-cain.

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