Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Result of search for "2716":

2716 chere' kheh'-reh from an unused (and vulgar) root probably meaning to evacuate the bowels: excrement; -dung. Also chariy {khar-ee'}.

2755 charey-yowniym khar-ay'-yo-neem' from the plural of 2716 and the plural of 3123; excrements of doves {or perhaps rather the plural of a single word charapyown {khar-aw-yone'}; of similar or uncertain derivation, probably a kind of vegetable:--doves' dung.
4280 machara'ah makh-ar-aw-aw' from the same as 2716; a sink:--draught house.
6675 tsow'ah tso-aw' or tsovah {tso-aw'}: feminine of 6674; excrement; generally, dirt; figuratively, pollution:--dung, filth(-iness). Marg. for 2716.

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