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Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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2363 chuwsh koosh a primitive root; to hurry; figuratively, to be eager with excitement or enjoyment:--(make) haste(-n), ready.

2364 Chuwshah khoo-shaw' from 2363; haste; Chushah, an Israelite:--Hushah.
2365 Chuwshay khoo-shah'-ee from 2363; hasty; Chushai, an Israelite:--Hushai.
2366 Chuwshiym khoo-sheem' or Chushiym {khoo-shem'}; or Chushim {khoo- sheem'}; plural from 2363; hasters; Chushim, the name of three Israelites:--Hushim.
2367 Chuwsham khoo-shawm' or Chusham {khoo-shawm'}; from 2363; hastily; Chusham, an Idumaean:--Husham.
2439 chiysh kheesh another form of 2363; to hurry:--make haste.
2818 chashach khash-akh' (Aramaic) a collateral root to one corresponding to 2363 in the sense of readiness; to be necessary (from the idea of convenience) or (transitively) to need:--careful, have need of.
4122 Maher Shalal Chash Baz mah-hare' shaw-lawl' khawsh baz from 4118 and 7998 and 2363 and 957; hasting (is he (the enemy) to the) booty, swift (to the) prey; Maher-Shalal-Chash-Baz; the symbolical name of the son of Isaiah:--Maher-sha-lal-bash-baz.

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