Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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2352 chuwr khoor or (shortened) chur {khoor}; from an unused root probably meaning to bore; the crevice of a serpent; the cell of a prison:--hole.

2354 Chuwr khoor the same as 2353 or 2352; Chur, the name of four Israelites and one Midianite:--Hur.
2356 chowr khore or (shortened) chor {khore}; the same as 2352; a cavity, socket, den:--cave, hole.
2362 Chavran khav-rawn' apparently from 2357 (in the sense of 2352); cavernous; Chavran, a region East of the Jordan:--Hauran.
8473 tachara' takh-ar-aw' from 2734 in the original sense of 2352 or 2353; a linen corslet (as white or hollow):--habergeon.

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