Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Result of search for "2244":

455 'Elyachba' el-yakh-baw' from 410 and 2244; God will hide; Eljachba, an Israelite:--Eliahbah.

2244 chaba' khaw-baw' a primitive root (Compare 2245); to secrete:--X held, hide (self), do secretly.
2245 chabab khaw-bab' a primitive root (Compare 2244, 2247); properly, to hide (as in the bosom), i.e. to cherish (with affection):--love.
4224 machabe' makh-ab-ay' or machaboo {makh-ab-o'}; from 2244; a refuge:--hiding (lurking) place.

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