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30 'Abiyhuw' ab-ee-hoo' from 1 and 1931; father (i.e. worshipper) of Him (i.e. God); Abihu, a son of Aaron:--Abihu.

453 'Eliyhuw el-ee-hoo' or (fully) dEliyhuwh {el-ee-hoo'}; from 410 and 1931; God of him; Elihu, the name of one of Job's friends, and of three Israelites:--Elihu.
1931 huw' hoo of which the feminine (beyond the Pentateuch) is hiyw {he}; a primitive word, the third person pronoun singular, he (she or it); only expressed when emphatic or without a verb; also (intensively) self, or (especially with the article) the same; sometimes (as demonstrative) this or that; occasionally (instead of copula) as or are:--he, as for her, him(-self), it, the same, she (herself), such, that (, these, they, this, those, which (is), who.
1932 huw hoo (Aramaic) or (feminine) hiyo (Aramaic) {he}; corresponding to 1931:--X are, it, this.
1958 hiy he for 5092; lamentation:--woe. (For hiyr. See 1931, 1932.)
2004 hen hane feminine plural from 1931; they (only used when emphatic):-- X in, such like, (with) them, thereby, therein, (more than) they, wherein, in which, whom, withal.
3058 Yehuw' yay-hoo' from 3068 and 1931; Jehovah (is) He; Jehu, the name of five Israelites:--Jehu.
3541 koh ko from the prefix k and 1931; properly, like this, i.e. by implication, (of manner) thus (or so); also (of place) here (or hither); or (of time) now:--also, here, + hitherto, like, on the other side, so (and much), such, on that manner, (on) this (manner, side, way, way and that way), + mean while, yonder.
6311 poh po or po6 (Job 38:11) {po}; or pow {po}; probably from a primitive inseparable particle "p" (of demonstrative force) and 1931; this place (French ici), i.e. here or hence:--here, hither, the one (other, this, that) side.