Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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1672 da'ag daw-ag' a primitive root; be anxious:--be afraid (careful, sorry), sorrow, take thought.

1673 Do'eg do-ayg' or (fully) Dowoeg {do-ayg'}; active participle of 1672; anxious; Doeg, an Edomite:--Doeg.
1674 d'agah deh-aw-gaw' from 1672; anxiety:--care(-fulness), fear, heaviness, sorrow.
1709 dag dawg or (fully) dag (Nehemiah 13:16) {dawg}; from 1711; a fish (as prolific); or perhaps rather from 1672 (as timid); but still better from 1672 (in the sense of squirming, i.e. moving by the vibratory action of the tail); a fish (often used collectively):--fish.

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