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Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

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1481 guwr goor a primitive root; properly, to turn aside from the road (for a lodging or any other purpose), i.e. sojourn (as a guest); also to shrink, fear (as in a strange place); also to gather for hostility (as afraid):--abide, assemble, be afraid, dwell, fear, gather (together), inhabitant, remain, sojourn, stand in awe, (be) stranger, X surely.

1482 guwr goor or (shortened) gur {goor}; perhaps from 1481; a cub (as still abiding in the lair), especially of the lion:--whelp, young one.
1485 Guwr-Ba`al goor-bah'-al from 1481 and 1168; dwelling of Baal; Gur- Baal, a place in Arabia:--Gur-baal.
1616 ger gare or (fully) geyr (gare); from 1481; properly, a guest; by implication, a foreigner:--alien, sojourner, stranger.
1628 geruwth gay-rooth' from 1481; a (temporary) residence:--habitation.
3017 Yaguwr yaw-goor' probably from 1481; a lodging; Jagur, a place in Palestine:--Jagur.
4032 magowr maw-gore' or (Lam. 2:22) maguwr {maw-goor'}; from 1481 in the sense of fearing; a fright (objective or subjective):--fear, terror. Compare 4036.
4033 maguwr maw-goor' or magur {maw-goor'}; from 1481 in the sense of lodging; a temporary abode; by extension, a permanent residence:--dwelling, pilgrimage, where sojourn, be a stranger. Compare 4032.

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