Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Search Results

Result of search for "1389":

1388 Gib`a' ghib-aw' by permutation for 1389; a hill; Giba, a place in Palestine:--Gibeah.

1389 gib`ah ghib-aw' feminine from the same as 1387; a hillock:--hill, little hill.
1390 Gib`ah ghib-aw' the same as 1389; Gibah; the name of three places in Palestine:--Gibeah, the hill.
1405 Gibbthown ghib-beth-one' intensive from 1389; a hilly spot; Gibbethon, a place in Palestine:--Gibbethon.
4021 migba`ah mig-baw-aw' from the same as 1389; a cap (as hemispherical):--bonnet.

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