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`Watchman is a computer program that was designed to enhance the fellowship at the eliyah.com chat room. Watchman's features are accessible simply by typing certain commands/words into the chat room. The following is an explanation of `Watchman's capabilities. 

Scripture Program

Watchman has the ability to quote scripture on demand. To have a scripture quoted into the chat room, simply type something like:

+Genesis 1:1

Then hit enter. This will cause Watchman to quote a verse like this:

<`Watchman> Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning Elohim created the heaven and the earth.

Watchman looks for the + in front of the word and will quote the book name that comes after the +. In the above example, Watchman saw the word "genesis" and responded with that book and the chapter/verse that was requested. Watchman is pretty forgiving in how you request the scriptures. You could also use any of the various ways to request:

+Ge 1:1
+Ge 1 1
+Ge 1 1
+Berishi 1 1

As you can see, Hebrew book names are also acceptable. The translation is similar to the one on the website (RNKJV) in that it is based mostly on the King James Version and the true names are restored in the text.

To quote from The Scriptures translation, replace the + with a ! as you see here:

!Genesis 1:1

If you type this into the room, Watchman will quote:

<`Watchman> (TS98) Bereshith 1:1 - In the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth.

To quote from the Hebrew (Masoretic text), use an @ sign like this:

@Genesis 1:1

If you type this into the room, Watchman will quote:

<`Watchman> (HEBREW) Bereshith 1:1 - b'rey´sheet bara´ ´eloheem ´eyt hashamayim w'´eyt ha´arets

Search Function

The scriptures are also searchable. This is similar to using a Strong's Concordance, except you just type in what you want. Here is an example:

!search beginning created

This would cause Watchman to look up all the verses that contain the two words "Beginning" and "Created" within them. Here is the result of that search:

<`Watchman> Searching Scriptures..
<`Watchman> 4 matches for "beginning created" -  Genesis 1:1 Isaiah 48:7 Mark 13:19 Ephesians 3:9

Those 4 verses contain those 2 words, "beginning" and "created". You may search up to 3 words in a verse. If there are more than 30 results in your search, Watchman will ask you to use more words to narrow down your search.

Strong's Lexicon

If you know the Hebrew or Greek word number in a Strong's concordance, you can ask Watchman to quote the Lexicon entry. Just type the following to request a Hebrew lexicon entry:

!hebrew 7225

Hebrew word #7225 is the one most commonly translated "Beginning." Watchman will respond with:

<`Watchman> Strong's Lexicon Hebrew word number 7225:
<`Watchman> re'shiyth ray-sheeth'
<`Watchman> from the same as 7218; the first, in place, time, order or
<`Watchman> rank (specifically, a firstfruit):--beginning, chief(-est),
<`Watchman> first(-fruits, part, time), principal thing.

You can request any Strong's lexicon word number. To get a quote from the Greek Lexicon, just replace !hebrew with !greek like this:

!greek 2424

Watchman will then give you the Strong's lexicon definition for word #2424.

Other features

 You may also request a "Random Scripture". This is a quite popular feature of Watchman. By typing the following command into the chat room:


This will cause Watchman to quote a random scripture, such as:

<`Watchman> Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man unto whom Yahweh imputeth not iniquity. Psalm 32:1-2

The random quotes are taken from a pool of 300-400 scriptures. The "RS" in "!RS" stands for Random Scripture. To receive a true random scripture from all the verses from Genesis to Revelation, type !TRS into the room.

Watchman will also respond to the following commands:

!RT - Watchman gives a random topic for discussion in the room
What time is it? - Watchman gives the accurate time according to the Atomic Clock in Colorado.

Watchman also moderates the chat room, removing or silencing abusers. This is rare because we are on a private network, only accessible by those who have visited or heard about this web site. 

If you have any questions, there are often people in the chat room that can be of further assistance.

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