Android Operating System

Android/SmartTV devices: 350kbps | Audio

Broadcast Streaming begins at 11:50AM Eastern

Select video/audio quality (Apple and Windows OS)

Connection Type

Quality level

Data usage

Super compatible Auto/Manual Based on quality
Automatic Auto-adjusts Quality >2,160MB per hour
1080p Video Highest Quality 2,160MB per hour
720p Video High Quality 450MB per hour
480p Video Medium Quality 280MB per hour
360p Video Low Quality 240MB per hour
240p Video Poor Quality 200MB per hour
160p Video Poor Quality 120MB per hour
128k Audio High Quality Audio 80MB per hour
48k Audio Medium Quality Audio 36MB per hour
24k Audio Telephone Quality Audio 18MB per hour

Also listen via Telephone: Dial 1-202-800-9984 and enter YAHWEH (924934) at the prompt.

DVR controls & Full Screen may not work with Android or Internet Explorer 9 or older
Download the latest Firefox here or Internet Explorer here