Feast of Tabernacles 2024 - Registration


  • EACH FAMILY MUST REGISTER SEPARATELY to ensure security at the camp. This means that no families and no adult individuals outside your family can "tag along" with you in your registration. They must register separately, even if they are staying with you.

  • If you do not plan to spend the night at the campground, please fill out our Day Visitor Registration form instead. To ensure security, all visitors to the campground must register.

  • After you complete this form, you will need to reserve your accommodations at Indian Springs. There, you will choose your camping/lodging option, pre-order any meals and order float trips.

  • All payments and reservations for your campsite, meals and paid activities are done through Indian Springs Family Resort. You will need to reserve by telephone only (1-573-775-2266) to get the discounts. Call ‘Tuesdays to Thursdays’ 9am to 4pm. Calling at other times may not result in an answer, but you can leave a message. To get the discounted rates, mention the Feast of Tabernacles. You must prepay for your cabin/tent/RV sites

  • Check-in time is 1:00PM and check-out time is 11:00AM.

  • Again, each family must fill out their own registration form, even if when sharing accommodations with someone else.

  • This form is a bit long but since the equivalent of a small village is spending 10-14 days together it helps to ensure all things are done decently and in order (1Cor. 14:40).

  • After you submit this form you will receive a confirmation email that contains a link that allows you to edit your registration at any time, including the activities you sign up for. You can also use this to add an extra person, change the Days/Nights you are staying, or supply "arrival/departure information" if you need shuttle service, etc. You can also cancel your registration using this link. If you didn't receive this email please check your SPAM folder. or Click Here to have it resent.

Shuttle Service

If you are planning to arrive by bus, train or plane and will need someone to pick you up at a terminal in St. Louis, a shuttle service is available.

HOWEVER, this year we are again requiring everyone who needs shuttle service to arrive ONE DAY EARLY. This means that shuttle service will offered at 1-3pm on 'September 17th'.

We are requiring this because we have found it is too hectic and stressful to pick everyone at the airport, stop at the store on the way in, and still set up everything before sundown.

We will also be offering shuttle service back to St Louis on September 27th, no earlier than 8am arrival in St Louis.

We will not be able to pick anyone up or drop anyone off at any other times so plan your travel accommodations accordingly.

Will you be needing the shuttle service?

If yes, supply arrival/departure information, flight number etc. If you don't yet have it, write "To be Determined": 
Make sure that the "Total number of persons" below is accurate so we know how many people are riding.

Names of Adults

(For nametags)

Full Name (include last name)
Male / Female

Children (Under 20 years of age)

(For nametags, plus this helps us plan and know what supplies to purchase)

Full Name (include last name)
Male / Female
Total number of persons:

Which Nights do you Plan to Stay?

We recommend arriving on the day prior to the first Sabbath, so that you have time to set up.
Night of 9/11
Night of 9/12
Night of 9/13
Night of 9/14
Shabbat and Day of Atonement
Night of 9/15
Night of 9/16
Night of 9/17
Night of 9/18
Night of 9/19
High Day
Night of 9/20
Night of 9/21
Night of 9/22
Night of 9/23
Night of 9/24
Night of 9/25
Night of 9/26
Last Great Day
Night of 9/27
Night of 9/28
Night of 9/29
Night of 9/30
"Sept./Oct. 2024"
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Sabbath
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30 1 2 3 4 5
Holy Days
Ordinary Days during the feast
Arrival/Departure Days

Please Choose which FREE Activities you would like to Participate in:

Note: signing up for everything may make for a grueling schedule!
(subject to change)
NOTE: All group activities are completely optional!
# of Adults # of youth (ages 13-19) # of children Activity (Dates and times are subject to change)
Hebrew Class - Daily lessons on the basic Hebrew Alphabet and vowel points. Teaches you to how read and pronounce the Hebrew letters so that you can read the Hebrew language. Attend every class OR pass the final exam to get a free booklet on Hebrew grammar! Children encouraged to participate!
Fun & Fellowship Day - Volleyball, cart racing, tug of war, senior/toddler activities and more.
Hebraic/Davidic Dancing - Psalm 149:3 and 150:4 tell us to praise Him with the dance. Learn dance steps and movements that express various ways of communicating honor and praise to Yahweh in modesty and holiness.
Community Meal - We will have a fellowship meal at the big tent. This is a good place to get to know everyone.
Men's Meetings - Men get together twice and learn from one another on how to be better husbands/fathers, and encouragement in overcoming the challenges we have at work and home. Often the highlight of the feast for many! A great time of fellowship and developing friendships in Messiah. Mature teens may attend if parents approve.
Daughters of the Light - Ladies will get together twice and learn from each other on how to be better wives, mothers or singles. Bring a dish along with your favorite tea, sweetener and teacups. Bring cookies to share if you like. Mature teens may attend if parents approve.
Wilderness Tabernacle Tour - A replica of Yahweh's tabernacle in the wilderness will be assembled before the feast. We will be assembling the tabernacle before the feast this year (9/16 - 9/17). If you are arriving early we would appreciate your help. See volunteer section below.
Shofar Making Class - Order a raw shofar horn through the reservation system and we will have a class which teaches you how to drill and create a mouthpiece, and sand down your shofar for you to use and take home. LIMITED SUPPLY. Children encouraged to participate!
Tassel Making class - Learn how to make Tassels (Tsit tsit) per the command in Numbers 15:38 and Deut. 22:12. Children encouraged to participate!
Survival Skills Class - Learn tips on how to build a fire without matches or a lighter, how to stay hydrated, fed and other tips to help you survive in case of emergency.
Teen Midrash - Teens get together at 8pm one evening and go over the scriptures, get questions answered, and engage in group discussion.
Archery/Tomahawk throwing for teens/children - Children and Teens learn the spiritual lessons behind “hitting the mark,” and how to effectively/safely use a bow & arrow. Tomahawk throwing will be for teens. This event is a part of our Survival class.
Special children's activities - During the meetings, children will be given something to do with their hands such as coloring or some scripture related activity.
Ministry to the Fatherless - If there is a child or teen with you who does not have an active father in their life, we want to minister to them. We will quietly gather some men together to spend quality time with fatherless children and teens in a group setting. If you sign up, there will be a special note in your welcome packet where the date, time and location is listed.
# of items you plan to bring:
Auction for Charity / Ministry - Bring some good quality items that you would like to auction off and the proceeds will go toward the alms fund or the ministry of Eliyah.com (Buyers specify).

Midrash at the Tabernacle, Pavilion or Conference Center

At the Tabernacle, or Diner Pavilion, we will be having an open scripture discussion (Midrash) on most afternoons (no teachings, just going over scripture together), but it will be scheduled at the same time of other afternoon events. Scripture Q & A, reading and discussion of various scriptures/topics, group counseling, or whatever else Yahweh leads.

If you plan to attend, please sign up here
Children's activities are not provided during these sessions and most of the discussions are likely to be above the knowledge level of young children. If you bring children, please ensure that they sit quietly.
NOTE: All group activities are completely optional!
# of Adults # of youth (ages 13-19) # of children Instead of...
Instead of Fun & Fellowship Day
Instead of Shofar Class/Tassel Making Party
Instead of Float Trip

Paid activities

This year you will make reservations for the Float Trip by calling 1-573-775-2266, or by visiting the country store/camp office during the feast. Please indicate the number of people that will participate below.
NOTE: All group activities are completely optional!
# of Adults # of youth (ages 11-19) # of children Activity
Group Float Trip - Canoes, kayaks and rafts available. No fee if you have your own raft and transportation. Always a great time to join other believers and take in the beautiful Ozark scenery. This year you will purchase your canoe/raft/kayak through the campground directly by calling 1-800-367-8945. or by visiting the country store/camp office during the feast.


"..he who is greatest among you shall be your servant" (Matt. 23:11)
NOTE: It takes the efforts of a cooperating body of Messiah that loves to serve each other in order to make the feast a huge spiritual boost for everyone. We understand that some have physical limitations, and there are mothers who need to be with their babies, while others may be serving in capacities not mentioned here. Those things aside, we would ask everyone 20 years and older to please sign up for at least one area to volunteer. Find the joy in serving and you may just discover gifts you didn't know you had :)

Father/Son, Mother/Daughter, or family teams are encouraged.

Service to Yahweh's people
Child care - Interested in giving other parents a small break? Be a part of a 2-3 person team to watch over children in an outdoor setting during various times of the feast. Ideal for those who already have children to watch, and are willing to take on additional children.
Transportation - Assist those who need rides to town for groceries, laundry, etc.
Grocery Shopping - Taking trips into town with a partner to pickup supplies for the camp.
Restrooms - Help keep restrooms clean and orderly.
Big Tent- We are looking for young people to help with moving chairs, tables and other changes to the big tent as needed throughout the feast.
General Maintenance - Handyman work to assist other campers when needed.
Meals - Help manage community meals and cleanup afterward.
Campfire - Help maintain community campfire and firewood supply.
Daughters of the Light - Help with setting up tables, etc.
Tassel Making Party - Help with setup and teaching how to make tassels.
Shofar Making - We need cordless drills and volunteers to help others.
Children's Activities - Assistance with group activities throughout the day, and with giving children to do with their hands during the teachings.
Float Trip - Assistance with organizing the event.
Musically inclined volunteers - If you have musical ability and want to help lead or participate during the meetings, this is often an area of need.
Charity Auction - Auctioneering, helping with collecting donations and spreadsheet.
Registration & hospitality - Assist with greeting campers and getting them set up at their campsite.
Please tell us what days you will be able to help.
Tent Crew - Assist other campers, especially newcomers, with setting up their tent and campsite.
Please tell us what days you will be able to help.
Shuttle Transportation - We may need drivers for picking people up at the airport/bus in St. Louis. You will have to arrive before September 16th or be willing to leave no earlier than late afternoon on September 27th
Evening camp meetings - Help to organize gatherings around the campfire, sharing testimonies and musical praise to Yahweh.
Audio / Visual - Assistance with operating computers, mixers, cameras and other AV equipment.
Wilderness Tabernacle Setup - A replica of Yahweh's tabernacle in the wilderness will be built. Children and teens are welcome to be a part of this project. If you have skills in Carpentry/Electrical that would be a plus. This will be done on 9/27 - 9/28 before the feast this year. Don't sign up unless you can assist on those dates.
Please tell us what days you will be able to help.
Wilderness Tabernacle - Help maintain the tabernacle, keeping it clean and tidy.
Take down the Tabernacle - The Wilderness Tabernacle will be taken down after the feast.
Please specify the number of meals you would be willing to share:
Sharing meals - Some who come to the feast via planes, trains and buses have a harder time making meals during the feast. Sign up if you are willing to share meals with another feast goer.
What are your skills and trades that may be helpful to others throughout the week? -
(EMT/Medical, Carpentry, Plumbing, Auto Mechanic, Electrical, Survival skills, etc.)

Watchmen on the Walls

We are asking that all men 20 and older to volunteer for at least one shift. Teens 17+ can volunteer if with an older adult or parent.
During the night we have at least 2 men quietly praying together and watching over the camp during 3 hour shifts (watches).
This can be a great way to get to know another brother in Messiah. Many friendships between brothers have started here!
Note: Shifts are 6pm-9pm, 9pm-12am, 12am-3am, 3am-6am.
Watchmen must be 20 years of age or older.

Rules & Guidelines

The rules below are simply common sense guidelines to help everyone enjoy the festival without distractions and problems. We haven't had any major problems in the past, and we just want to keep it that way. Please indicate your agreement by clicking the "We agree" checkbox. If you have any questions about them, feel free to contact me.

* Attendees must firmly believe in the inspiration of scripture (Genesis to Revelation), and believe the Sabbath day is on the 7th day of the week, commonly called 'saturday'. However, if you normally attend a congregation on the 1st day of the week, commonly called 'sunday', you are welcome to join us and learn about the blessing of the Feast of Tabernacles, without judgment.

* There is a Dress Code requiring modest apparel for both men and women. Please do not bring see-through clothing, clothes which draw attention to, or reveal the shape of, the private parts of the body such as low necklines and tight fitting garments. Shorts, skirts and dresses should not expose the knees when sitting down. If you wear pants (whether male or female), please wear a loose long shirt (or skirt/dress) to cover the area between the waist and thighs. See this picture for an example (Popup window).
Thanks for your understanding; we want those who have weaknesses to enjoy the feast without having to constantly engage in spiritual battle.
If you can't afford long, loose shirts, choose yes in this box: and we will provide some for you at no cost.

* Pets are permitted as long as they are leashed and supervised at all times, droppings are picked up, and they are not a disturbance to others. If they are a disturbance, you will be asked to house them in a kennel or leave the campground. They are not permitted in the meeting hall.

* Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. The campground is a tobacco-free environment.

* Parents are held accountable for their children and teens. Children in the play areas and elsewhere must be supervised.

* Quiet time is enforced from 11pm to 8:00am local time. If you bring a dog, you will be held responsible for any barking that occurs.

* In the interest of purity, males/females who are not in a consummated marriage should refrain from physical affection, and from going together to private locations, away from public view.

We agree to the above rules & guidelines
Is this is your first time keeping the Feast of Tabernacles?
Is this is your first time doing any kind of camping?
Tell us what you hope to get out of the feast, along with any other comments: