Fellowship Finder Agreement

Please agree to the following understandings and terms to signup for a Fellowship Finder account.

Agree with Scriptural Understandings

To signup and create a listing on the Fellowship Finder, you must agree with the following Scriptural understandings:

Belief in the Messiah spoken of in the books of Matthew through Revelation.

Belief that the Torah/Law of Yahweh should be observed by believers today.

Belief that we should return and use the original names for the Heavenly Father and His Messiah instead of substitutes or man made alterations (such as Jesus, the LORD, HaShem, etc).

Agree with Terms

By using the Fellowship Finder website you agree to the following:

The information about individuals and groups on the Fellowship Finder is to be used exclusively for the purpose of contacting other local, like-minded believers for fellowship. You must not advertise or contact multiple users that are not in your area. No solicitation (selling, begging, promoting, etc) is allowed. EliYah.com does not necessarily agree with all the doctrines of those listed.