Who is the author of EliYah.com?
  Some questions answered

     My name is Tom Martincic, but please understand that this web site is not about me. It's about seeking the truth and finding it in Yahushua the Messiah. It's about glorifying Yahweh and proclaiming His word. It's about serving others.

     In 1995 I began creating this site as an avenue for others to read more information on what I had shared in various chat rooms. I called it "EliYah's Home Page" because I chose the screen name "EliYah" when going into various chat rooms. I still use this name in the web site chat room today.

     I liked the name EliYah because it means "My Mighty One is Yahweh" and this is the message that I want to proclaim. So "EliYah" is simply a spiritual name or surname, not the name given to me by my parents (though they do approve of this one too). It's not an attempt by me to be someone I'm not. Many of the disciples also had surnames and I happen like this name because of its meaning.

     I don't claim to be a prophet. I'm just a disciple of Yahushua the Messiah who is looking for His pure, unadulterated truth. Because I would rather not draw attention to myself,  I don't make my birth name very prominent on this web site.

     I have never been, nor ever plan to be a part of any sect or denomination except the one true faith that Yahushua Himself will establish when He returns. This ministry is my personal effort to serve others and is not a part of any organization or affiliation with anyone else.

      I have 4 children (2 of which are now adults) and as of 11/2013 I began full-time ministry work through this web site. However, donations given to the ministry stay with the ministry. We live off a separate fund.

    For the record, I am not part of the 'Christian Identity' movement, 'Militia/Patriot movement' or any other similar movement. I believe it's important to be law abiding citizens who seek to be at peace with all men, no matter what their racial background is. The kingdom I seek is not of this world, but is open to every man, woman and child on this planet who wants to receive the Messiah for the forgiveness of sins and endeavor to live as He did.

     I don't run an assembly, nor am I a leader or pastor of any local congregation. However, I am the Executive Director of Bread of Life Giving and Sharing (see web site), a ministry that feeds the hungry in our local community. These ministries keep me busy enough as it is.

     I hope this answers everyone's questions. Thanks for visiting EliYah.com. It is my hope and prayer that the contents here edify the body of Messiah, awaken the complacent, and change the heart of the unbeliever.


Yahweh be Magnified!

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