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257 'Achban akh-bawn' from 251 and 995; brother (i.e. possessor) of understanding; Achban, an Israelite:--Ahban.

946 Buwnah boo-naw' from 995; discretion; Bunah, an Israelite:--Bunah.
995 biyn bene a primitive root; to separate mentally (or distinguish), i.e.(generally) understand:--attend, consider, be cunning, diligently, direct, discern, eloquent, feel, inform, instruct, have intelligence, know, look well to, mark, perceive, be prudent, regard, (can) skill(-full), teach, think, (cause, make to, get, give, have) understand(-ing), view, (deal) wise(-ly, man).
996 beyn bane (sometimes in the plural masculine or feminine); properly, the constructive form of an otherwise unused noun from 995; a distinction; but used only as a prep, between (repeated before each noun, often with other particles); also as a conjunction, either...or:--among, asunder, at, between (-twixt...and), + from (the widest), X in, out of, whether (it be...or), within.
998 biynah bee-naw' from 995; understanding:--knowledge, meaning, X perfectly, understanding, wisdom.
2985 Yabiyn yaw-bene' from 995; intelligent; Jabin, the name of two Canaanitish kings:--Jabin.
4000 mabown maw-bone' from 995; instructing:--taught.
8394 tabuwn taw-boon' and (feminine) tbuwnah {teb-oo-naw'}; or towbunah {to-boo-naw'}; from 995; intelligence; by implication, an argument; by extension, caprice:--discretion, reason, skilfulness, understanding, wisdom.