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854 'eth ayth probably from 579; properly, nearness (used only as a preposition or an adverb), near; hence, generally, with, by, at, among, etc.:--against, among, before, by, for, from, in(-to), (out) of, with. Often with another prepositional prefix.

856 'Ethba`al eth-bah'-al from 854 and 1168; with Baal; Ethbaal, a Phoenician king:--Ethbaal.
863 'Ittay it-tah'ee or tIythay {ee-thah'ee}; from 854; near; Ittai or Ithai, the name of a Gittite and of an Israelite:--Ithai, Ittai.
865 'ethmowl eth-mole' or tithmowl {ith-mole'}; or methmuwl {eth- mool'}; probably from 853 or 854 and 4136; heretofore; definitely yesterday:--+ before (that) time, + heretofore, of late (old), + times past, yester(day).