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804 'Ashshuwr ash-shoor' or iAshshur {ash-shoor'}; apparently from 833 (in the sense of successful); Ashshur, the second son of Shem; also his descendants and the country occupied by them (i.e. Assyria), its region and its empire:--Asshur, Assur, Assyria, Assyrians. See 838.

833 'ashar aw-shar' or rasher {aw-share'}; a primitive root; to be straight (used in the widest sense, especially to be level, right, happy); figuratively, to go forward, be honest, proper:--(call, be) bless(-ed, happy), go, guide, lead, relieve.
835 'esher eh'-sher from 833; happiness; only in masculine plural construction as interjection, how happy!:--blessed, happy.
836 'Asher aw-share' from 833, happy; Asher, a son of Jacob, and the tribe descended from him, with its territory; also a place in Palestine:--Asher
837 'osher o'-sher from 833; happiness:--happy.
838 'ashur aw-shoor' or ashshur {ash-shoor'}; from 833 in the sense of going; a step:--going, step.
840 'Asar'el as-ar-ale' by orthographical variation from 833 and 410; right of God; Asarel, an Israelite:--Asareel.
842 'asherah ash-ay-raw' or masheyrah {ash-ay-raw'}; from 833; happy; Asherah (or Astarte) a Phoenician goddess; also an image of the same:-- grove. Compare 6253.
846 'ushsharna' oosh-ar-naw' (Aramaic) from a root corresponding to 833; a wall (from its uprightness):--wall.
8391 t'ashshuwr teh-ash-shoor' from 833; a species of cedar (from its erectness):--box (tree).