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1053 Beyth Shemesh bayth sheh'-mesh from 1004 and 8121; house of (the) sun; Beth-Shemesh, a place in Palestine:--Beth-shemesh.

3996 mabow' maw-bo' from 935; an entrance (the place or the act); specifically (with or without 8121) sunset or the west; also (adverb with preposition) towards:--by which came, as cometh, in coming, as men enter into, entering, entrance into, entry, where goeth, going down, + westward. Compare 4126.
5885 `Eyn Shemesh ane sheh'-mesh from 5869 and 8121; fountain of the sun; En-Shemesh, a place in Palestine:--En-shemesh.
5905 `Iyr Shemesh eer sheh'-mesh from 5892 and 8121; city of the sun; Ir-Shemesh, a place in Palestine:--Ir-shemesh.
8120 shmash shem-ash' (Aramaic) corresponding to the root of 8121 through the idea of activity implied in day-light; to serve:--minister.
8121 shemesh sheh'-mesh from an unused root meaning to be brilliant; the sun; by implication, the east; figuratively, a ray, i.e. (arch.) a notched battlement:--+ east side(-ward), sun ((rising)), + west(-ward), window. See also 1053.
8122 shemesh sheh'-mesh (Aramaic) corresponding to 8121; the sun:--sun.
8123 Shimshown shim-shone' from 8121; sunlight; Shimshon, an Israelite:--Samson.
8125 Shamshray sham-sher-ah'-ee apparently from 8121; sunlike; Shamsherai, an Israelite:--Shamsherai.