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476 'Eliyshama` el-ee-shaw-maw' from 410 and 8085; God of hearing; Elishama, the name of seven Israelites:--Elishama.

851 'Eshtmoa` esh-tem-o'-ah or bEshtmowam {esh-tem-o'-ah}; or sEshtmoh {esh-tem-o'}; from 8085 (in the sense of obedience); Eshtemoa or Eshtemoh, a place in Palestine:--Eshtemoa, Eshtemoh.
1953 Howshama` ho-shaw-maw' from 3068 and 8085; Jehovah has heard; Hoshama, an Israelite:--Hoshama.
2045 hashma`uwth hashmaw-ooth' from 8085; announcement:--to cause to hear.
3458 Yishma`e'l yish-maw-ale' from 8085 and 410; God will hear; Jishmael, the name of Abraham's oldest son, and of five Israelites:--Ishmael.
3460 Yishma`yah yish-mah-yaw' or Yishmacyahuw {yish-mah-yaw'-hoo}; from 8085 and 3050; Jah will hear; Jishmajah, the name of two Israelites:--Ishmaiah.
4926 mishma` mish-maw' from 8085; a report:--hearing.
8050 Shmuw'el sehm-oo-ale' from the passive participle of 8085 and 410; heard of God; Shemuel, the name of three Israelites:--Samuel, Shemuel.
8085 shama` shaw-mah' a primitive root; to hear intelligently (often with implication of attention, obedience, etc.; causatively, to tell, etc.):--X attentively, call (gather) together, X carefully, X certainly, consent, consider, be content, declare, X diligently, discern, give ear, (cause to, let, make to) hear(-ken, tell), X indeed, listen, make (a) noise, (be) obedient, obey, perceive, (make a) proclaim(-ation), publish, regard, report, shew (forth), (make a) sound, X surely, tell, understand, whosoever (heareth), witness.
8086 shma` shem-ah' (Aramaic) corresponding to 8085:--hear, obey.
8088 shema` shay'-mah from 8085; something heard, i.e. a sound, rumor, announcement; abstractly, audience:--bruit, fame, hear(-ing), loud, report, speech, tidings.
8089 shoma` sho'-mah from 8085; a report:--fame.
8091 Shama` shaw-maw' from 8085; obedient; Shama, an Israelite:--Shama.
8095 Shim`own shim-one' from 8085; hearing; Shimon, one of Jacob's sons, also the tribe descended from him:--Simeon.
8098 Shma`yah shem-aw-yaw' or Shmamyahuw {shem-aw-yaw'-hoo}; from 8085 and 3050; Jah has heard; Shemajah, the name of twenty-five Israelites:--Shemaiah.