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7758 showlal sho-lawl' or sheylal (Micah 1:8) {shay-lawl'}; from 7997; nude (especially bare-foot); by implication, captive:--spoiled, stripped.

7953 shalah shaw-law' a primitive root (rather cognate (by contraction) to the base of 5394, 7997 and their congeners through the idea of extracting); to draw out or off, i.e. remove (the soul by death):--take away.
7997 shalal shaw-lal' a primitive root; to drop or strip; by implication, to plunder:--let fall, make self a prey, X of purpose, (make a, (take)) spoil.
7998 shalal shaw-lawl' from 7997; booty:--prey, spoil.