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4891 mishchar mish-khawr' from 7836 in the sense of day breaking; dawn:--morning.

7835 shachar shaw-khar' a primitive root (identical with 7836 through the idea of the duskiness of early dawn); to be dim or dark (in color):--be black.
7836 shachar shaw-khar' a primitive root; properly, to dawn, i.e. (figuratively) be (up) early at any task (with the implication of earnestness); by extension, to search for (with painstaking):--(do something) betimes, enquire early, rise (seek) betimes, seek diligently) early, in the morning).
7837 shachar shakh'-ar from 7836; dawn (literal, figurative or adverbial):--day(-spring), early, light, morning, whence riseth.
7839 shacharuwth shakh-ar-ooth' from 7836; a dawning, i.e. (figuratively) juvenescence:--youth.
7841 Shcharyah shekh-ar-yaw' from 7836 and 3050; Jah has sought; Shecharjah, an Israelite:--Shehariah.