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3145 Yowshavyah yo-shav-yaw' from 3068 and 7737; Jehovah-set; Joshavjah, an Israelite:--Joshaviah. Compare 3144.

3438 Yishvah yish-vaw' from 7737; he will level; Jishvah, an Israelite: -Ishvah, Isvah.
3440 Yishviy yish-vee' from 7737; level; Jishvi, the name of two Israelites:--Ishuai, Ishvi, Isui, Jesui.
7737 shavah shaw-vaw' a primitive root; properly, to level, i.e. equalize; figuratively, to resemble; by implication, to adjust (i.e. counterbalance, be suitable, compose, place, yield, etc.):--avail, behave, bring forth, compare, countervail, (be, make) equal, lay, be (make, a- )like, make plain, profit, reckon.
7739 shvah shev-aw' (Aramaic): corresponding to 7737; to resemble:--make like.
7740 Shaveh shaw-vay' from 7737; plain; Shaveh, a place in Palestine:--Shaveh.
7862 shay shah'-ee probably from 7737; a gift (as available):--present.