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4863 mish'ereth mish-eh'-reth from 7604 in the original sense of swelling; a kneading-trough (in which the dough rises):--kneading trough, store.

7603 s'or seh-ore' from 7604; barm or yeast-cake (as swelling by fermentation):--leaven.
7604 sha'ar shaw-ar' a primitive root; properly, to swell up, i.e. be (causatively, make) redundant:--leave, (be) left, let, remain, remnant, reserve, the rest.
7605 sh'ar sheh-awr' from 7604; a remainder:--X other, remnant, residue, rest.
7607 sh'er sheh-ayr' from 7604; flesh (as swelling out), as living or for food; generally food of any kind; figuratively, kindred by blood:-- body, flesh, food, (near) kin(-sman, -swoman), near (nigh) (of kin).
7611 sh'eriyth sheh-ay-reeth' from 7604; a remainder or residual (surviving, final) portion:--that had escaped, be left, posterity, remain(-der), remnant, residue, rest.