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724 'aruwkah ar-oo-kaw' or rarukah {ar-oo-kaw'}; feminine passive participle of 748 (in the sense of restoring to soundness); wholeness (literally or figuratively):--health, made up, perfected.

748 'arak aw-rak' a primitive root; to be (causative, make) long (literally or figuratively):--defer, draw out, lengthen, (be, become, make, pro-)long, + (out-, over-)live, tarry (long).
749 'arak ar-ak' (Aramaic) properly, corresponding to 748, but used only in the sense of reaching to a given point; to suit:--be meet.
750 'arek aw-rake' from 748; long:--long(-suffering, -winged), patient, slow (to anger).
751 'Erek eh'-rek from 748; length; Erek, a place in Babylon:--Erech.
752 'arok aw-roke' from 748; long:--long.
753 'orek o'rek' from 748; length:--+ forever, length, long.