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4800 merchab mer-khawb' from 7337; enlargement, either literally (an open space, usually in a good sense), or figuratively (liberty):--breadth, large place (room).

7337 rachab raw-khab' a primitive root; to broaden (intransitive or transitive, literal or figurative):--be an en-(make) large(-ing), make room, make (open) wide.
7338 rachab rakh'-ab from 7337; a width:--breadth, broad place.
7339 rchob rekh-obe' or rchowb {rekh-obe'}; from 7337; a width, i.e. (concretely) avenue or area:--broad place (way), street. See also 1050.
7341 rochab ro'-khab from 7337; width (literally or figuratively):--breadth, broad, largeness, thickness, wideness.
7342 rachab raw-khawb' from 7337; roomy, in any (or every) direction, literally or figuratively:--broad, large, at liberty, proud, wide.
7345 Rchabyah rekh-ab-yaw' or Rchabyahuw {rek-ab-yaw'-hoo}; from 7337 and 3050; Jah has enlarged; Rechabjah, an Israelite:--Rehabiah.
7346 Rchab`am rekh-ab-awm' from 7337 and 5971; a people has enlarged; Rechabam, an Israelite king:--Rehoboam.