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5883 `Eyn Rogel ane ro-gale' from 5869 and the active participle of 7270; fountain of a traveller; En-Rogel, a place near Jerusalem: --En-rogel.

7270 ragal raw-gal' a primitive root; to walk along; but only in specifically, applications, to reconnoiter, to be a tale-bearer (i.e. slander); also (as denominative from 7272) to lead about:--backbite, search, slander, (e-)spy (out), teach to go, view.
7272 regel reh'-gel from 7270; a foot (as used in walking); by implication, a step; by euphem. the pudenda:--X be able to endure, X according as, X after, X coming, X follow, ((broken-))foot((-ed, -stool)), X great toe, X haunt, X journey, leg, + piss, + possession, time.
7274 Rogliym ro-gel-eem' plural of active participle of 7270; fullers (as tramping the cloth in washing); Rogelim, a place East of the Jordan:-- Rogelim.
8637 tirgal teer-gal' a denominative from 7270; to cause to walk:--teach to go.