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7014 Qayin kah'-yin the same as 7013 (with a play upon the affinity to 7069); Kajin, the name of the first child, also of a place in Palestine, and of an Oriental tribe:--Cain, Kenite(-s).

7017 Qeyniy kay-nee' or Qiyniy (1 Chron. 2:55) {kee-nee'}; patronymic from 7014; a Kenite or member of the tribe of Kajin:--Kenite.
8423 Tuwbal Qayin too-bal' kah'-yin apparently from 2986 (Compare 2981) and 7014; offspring of Cain; Tubal-Kajin, an antidiluvian patriarch:--Tubal-cain.